Judge Yourself

Judge me all you want people  It's a fucked up world  No one knows my burdens  No one knows my pain  No one knows my story  No one knows my name  I'm my own judge  And you're your own too  So judge your fucking self  And the things that you do


********** Erotic Content ************    I had forgiven my husband but was devastated. I gave him a second chance and had begun to rebuild our broken relationship. ‘The Husband’ did his best to make up, however, the pain remained. I did not know how to cope. The past just seemed to catch up and hurt... Continue Reading →


Life needed to break me into fragments So I could pick myself up and put me back together It was my choice after all To trust the untrustworthy To put my faith when there was nothing left to believe My mind destroyed any chance I had with love Because my heart was brutally wounded

Being Strangers

Time - the best healer they say I've given it time I've given it a lot of time Alas! I'm still waiting to be healed I fear some wounds don't heal completely The scars stay .......... It only means you have loved It means you have shared dreams It means your broken and whole at... Continue Reading →

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