Titanic released almost twenty years ago and no matter how many times I have watched the film there are times I’m drawn towards Jack and Rose’s doomed love story. These days I don’t get so emotional watching such films the way I used to earlier, but there are a few scenes which get me overwhelmed. The scene with the old couple in bed, resigned to their fate, waiting to die in each other’s embrace, while the band plays Nearer My God To Thee.

The cynic in me brings out these thoughts:

  • What if Jack would have lived, would Rose of married him and lived a poor life.
  • Would love prevail, Rose had the necklace with her that would have given them a decent start, they would work hard, make babies and endure each other bad habits and nagging.
  • Would Jack steal the necklace from Rose, leave her stranded and go away.

I feel they were infatuated and lustful for one another. Love takes time to grow. You don’t fall in love with a stranger on a ship, sex on a ship with a stranger is erotic. In the real world sooner or later all relationships/marriages loose the romance. Is that why we are so drawn towards ‘unfulfilled love’ Love being the universal theme in our lives.

Would we still remember Romeo and Juliet if they would have married each other?

While we try to get an answer to this question lets allow our hearts to rule over our heads for a while.


5 thoughts on “Titanic

      1. I hate it, just leave the iconic where it belongs. You cant make it better. People just want to make money off it. Its a shame, where are the original thoughts, movies ideas? All remakes.

        1. I agree with you. Here in India we are one step ahead. These days it’s a phase of remixing old songs and using it in new films.

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