A Clash Of Kings – George R R Martin

A Clash of Kings picks up where A Game of Thrones left off; after the death of King Robert Baratheon and the execution of Eddard Stark, a civil war (later known as The War of the Five Kings) breaks out in Westeros. While Robert’s heir, the thirteen year old Joffrey, sits on the Iron Throne of Westeros, Robb Stark, Eddard’s eldest son, has become the King in the North, while Robert’s brothers, Stannis and Renly, struggle to gain their brother’s throne from a child who is not his royal issue. Across the sea, Daenaerys Targaryen, the last heir of the house Robert Baratheon took the throne from, continues to gather her forces to retake Westeros, aided—and hindered—by her newly hatched dragons. And in the north, on the Wall that defends Westeros’ northern border, the men of the Night’s Watch continue to contend with dark forces and the wild people of the North, without help from a shattered kingdom more concerned with their own struggles.

I never really got myself to read the books fearing an internal conflict, as I’m very fond of the television series and the artists who portray the characters. Since this year I have been doing things out of my comfort zone, I took the risk and read the very first book, and boy oh boy I was not disappointed. It does not feel that twenty years have passed since the book was published. The story is as good and new and very addictive.

I will not be reviewing the book here, it won’t be fair. The book is an experience and the series is an emotion. Both should definitely not be mixed.

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