The term Avatar pronounced aavtaar in Sanskrit means ‘the descent of a deity on earth typically the incarnation in the earthly form of a deity’ and has more recently become a term for someone’s digital persona online.


The Navi’s are a race and culture who are connected with nature and the feminine consciousness of their home world. They lived in harmony with their environment and had respect for all other life forms and plants they shared it with. They lived in a tribal community much like Earth’s indigenous people and had respect for their ancestors. They had no need for advanced technology, conquering worlds or building endless shopping malls, bridges etc They talk of people returning to the spirit of the planet on death, showing how all is connected and energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change form as our own Earth scientists tell us.


Also, I felt that the tree of souls was an interesting concept which could be symbolic of the tree of life. The root system of Pandora is interconnected and the Navi themselves would plug in with their tails to trees and other beings. Information is downloaded and uploaded like a spiritual internet. In the climax of the film the creatures of Pandora receive their distress signal through the forest network had to defend their world. giphy

The mineral the humans were looking for is called Unobtainium which is obviously a play on the word unobtainable. Humans looking to mine other planets for precious metals, ores or minerals seems to represent the lengths we would go to get oil, gold and diamonds for our ever expanding and technology-reliant civilisations?


Although there was distrust between both the humans and the Navi it was the humans who were portrayed as the aggressive, materialistic and ignorant group. It’s time we realise that our planet needs saving.

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