Bared To You – Sylvia Day (Crossfire Series)


I won’t lie: I will admit that I read Bared to You because it was linked to Fifty Shades Of Grey and I’m a sucker for erotic literature. superthumb

As much as some people didn’t like Fifty Shades, I actually enjoyed the romantic suspense and drama that it brought and of course the Sex part. There is nothing as good sex or bad sex. Sex is Sex Period !!! But what interested me about Bared to You was that it stars two dark characters that have tragedy filled past that the reader gets to uncover.


As expected, there are some parallels between the two series in terms of the events the two leads find themselves in (read: jealous exes, insecurities and tormented pasts) but they do differ once you get past the first novel in the Crossfire series. Overall I would say the BDSM element is stronger in Fifty Shades than Crossfire.


The story is told from the perspective of Eva Tramell, a 24-year-old girl who comes from money but wants to make it on her own in the world. She chooses to start at the bottom and work her way to the top and gets a job in an advertising agency where she meets the guy who owns the company she works for (and pretty much everything in NYC) Gideon Cross and it’s just an instant connection between then. Intense sparks fly from the first glance. And things go from there.crossfire-series-bared-to-you-by-sylvia-day

He’s so messed up but he’s trying his absolute best to be everything his girl needs him to be. I love how on the outside he’s this unobtainable larger-than-life god but on the inside, he’s just a man who wants to be loved by his girl.


There is no question that the chemistry between Eva and Gideon is nuclear. When they first decide to become involved, the arrangement is for them to have a sexual relationship, with no strings attached. The more the two spend time together, however, the more each of them falls in love with the other. The underlying issue is the secrets that Gideon and Eva have.


Both were sexually abused as children. Dealing with their demons puts numerous twists and turns in the relationship. Not only does the sexual abuse remain an underlying issue, but problems with friends, roommates and ex-lovers returning to the scene, cause jealousy, fighting and eventually making up. In the end, however, Gideon and Eva realise that they can make it through anything as long as they have each other.


Go for it if you enjoy such genres.

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