The Crown – Netflix

I’m an avid history lover, but textbooks don’t tell you everything. They tell you only what they are asked to tell you. The Crown goes beyond regular history books. The makers manipulated no one’s image. The actors performances are all outstanding. The eye for detail is hawkish. For example, you can see three white hairs... Continue Reading →

The Blacklist

You might think that crime drama is an over-saturated genre with so many doing the rounds that they all just blur into one. What that does mean, however, is that the best ones really have to be special to stand out from the crowd.  The Blacklist, which takes a fresh spin on the familiar format of the detective... Continue Reading →


Titanic released almost twenty years ago and no matter how many times I have watched the film there are times I’m drawn towards Jack and Rose’s doomed love story. These days I don’t get so emotional watching such films the way I used to earlier, but there are a few scenes which get me overwhelmed.... Continue Reading →

Maine Pyaar Kiya

This film is was and will be my favourite film. What pulled me to this film was the simplicity and the innocence. During the early 1990’s a lot of Bollywood films had the same story line, boy meets girls, boy and girl fall in love, parents disagree, boy and girl elope, parents accept them and... Continue Reading →

Zindagi Na Milenge Dobara

Thank you Darakshandae for posting this blog. This is one of my favourite films. This films speaks about friendship, love and adventure. Not to forget the poetry and the songs. Jab jab dard ka baadal chhaya Jab gham ka saya lehraya Jab aansoo palkon tak aya Jab yeh tanha dil ghabraya Humne dil ko ye samjhaya Dil... Continue Reading →


The term Avatar pronounced aav-taar in Sanskrit means ‘the descent of a deity on earth typically the incarnation in the earthly form of a deity’ and has more recently become a term for someone's digital persona online. The Navi’s are a race and culture who are connected with nature and the feminine consciousness of their home world. They... Continue Reading →

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