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I had forgiven my husband but was devastated. I gave him a second chance and had begun to rebuild our broken relationship. ‘The Husband’ did his best to make up, however, the pain remained. I did not know how to cope. The past just seemed to catch up and hurt me time and again. I had forgiven him but could not forget. It seemed to me that I had an ideal husband who I have loved all these years, and suddenly finding out that the man I had loved my entire life had betrayed me on more than one occasion I had lost all trust and respect for him. 

He was out-of-town this weekend and I was determined to make the most of it, enough of the loyalty crap, it was time I enjoyed my life as well.

My skin was warm against the sheets. The air was redolent with the smell of sweat and sex. He laid on his side without looking in my direction. I raised my hand and ran it across his lower back.

‘Tea,’ I asked. He shook his head, the movement barely discernible with his black hair, shimmering in the half-lit room. I rose from the bed, the sheet falling off my body and headed naked towards the kitchen. Tea simmered hot and fresh, the cups and saucers and been left freshly washed. I poured out the tea into the cups and took them out on a tray. 

‘Tea’, I said, and he looked up to me, his near black eyes glowing with dislike.

 ‘I said no, how many times should I say no to you? Last night was bad enough. I took a step behind, I hadn’t expected this kind of behaviour not after the passionate love-making just a few minutes ago. 

Yeah we met at a bar, where I had gone to drown my depressed mind, one thing led to another, memories are hazy and even though it was a one night stand it seemed as though we connected, but this, it wasn’t something I was expecting. 

As soon as we were alone we pounced on each other like our lived depended on each other. We were rolling around on the bed trying to remove each others clothing. 

 “Wait a minute.” I ordered him to stand up and remove his clothing. 

He wisely obeyed, “Yes Ma’am,” he stuttered, Jeez, did he even know my name, 

“Wait, a sec, had I even told him my name. 

“Who the fuck cares,” I laid back on the bed and admired him as he quickly undressed.

He stood at the side of the bed when he finished undressing. I leaned forward to take the head of his manhood into my mouth. He groaned. I licked all the way down and sucked them gently into my mouth one at a time. I rolled over to lay on my back so that he could fuck my throat. 

“Slowly,” I warn him. Slowly he starts fucking my throat, in and out, in and out until he forgets himself and starts fucking a little too vigorously. While he seemed to enjoy my gagging, I did not. I jumped up so that I could remove my clothing. 

When I was fully naked, I lay back on the bed so that he could pleasure me with his tongue. He started at my mouth and slowly licked his way down my neck to my ample breasts. There, I am most pleased, he pauses his progress down my body to get his fill of my breasts. He was squeezing them and vigorously sucking on my erect nipples. It was both painful and pleasurable. Finally, he continued downward. When he got to my wet pussy he dived in like a man dying of thirst. He may have been young and fairly inexperienced, but he knew how to work his tongue. It felt so good I could hardly be still, I kept trying to squirm closer to his tongue. Crazy. He kept stopping just as I was about to orgasm. I was getting very frustrated, but I knew when he allowed me to come it was going to be explosive. 

After about what seemed liked hours of stop and go he finally let me cum. Wow, is really about all I can say. It was very intense, I should have him as my bitch, I had a smile on my face, but he did not give me anytime to rest or breathe. As I was still panting like a dog he laid down put on a condom and rolled me on top of him. 

“Ride me,” he demanded. This time, I wisely obeyed. I slowly eased myself down onto his thick cock. I sighed in contentment. I leaned back and I rode him hard and fast. I think I surprised him with my pace. I didn’t know how long I could keep this pace up but as it turned out there was no reason to worry about it because he came really fast. I could tell he was getting ready to explode so I picked up my pace even more until he could take it no more. I loved knowing that I had given him great pleasure. All he had to do was lie there while I rode him to completion.

I was loving this feeling of power. It was perfect. What changed then? Why was he so indifferent now? I wanted more of this and this rotten bastard. The tea cups fell as if in slow motion, my fangs came out as I leapt on him.

11 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. This answers an annoying question I’ve been asking myself: WordPress has no “rating” system like the movies! So yea, my posts are going to follow your example and I will set myself…and my writing…free! Thanks for this. Great writing. Great descriptions. Great sex! But the dude just wants to get out of there with no ties! So put those fangs back and set him free…that, by definition, is a “one night stand…” He has no interest in taking care of your emotional needs…

    1. I’m so glad for your feedback. They mean a lot. Yeah yeah such men should be set free. No point hanging on to them.

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