I was fucking drowning

You were someplace else in another’s arms


I was fucking drowning

You were standing five feet away screaming ‘You’re not trying hard enough’


I was fucking drowning being pulled under by the waves

You kept reminding me that being fat was worse than being vindictive


I was fucking drowning only I wasn’t drowning in water


I was drowning in despair

I was drowning in hopelessness 

I was drowning in betrayal


No matter how hard I swam, you kept stripping away my dignity layer by layer

You have given me nothing but darkness and you expected me to be your sun

15 thoughts on “Drowning

  1. Wow, just wow. I can feel your pain with your words. I am so sorry if this is you right now. This has shaken me. Again, wow. Send me a chat if you want, from my blog. Ill be there for you

    1. Thanks so much……… Thankfully this is not me ‘right now’ I think I have made my peace. Betrayals are always difficult.
      I have just started writing poems, so I guess it’s a phase…… hopefully I will move on to happier stuff soon …. Thanks for the support. Truly appreciated. Stay blessed.

    1. ha ha ha …………… yup I guess I was …….. Also I don’t think it’s anger I think its pain. When the anger goes away pain is what remains I guess ….

  2. Damn girl! Is this something you can get over…or get past? Great writing tho! I feel you! And, yea, I’ll put up my own erotic post…inspired by your writing…very soon. I hope you read it. It will be a lot different from yours tho. I am not yet that “free.” I hope you find peace and get over this dude!

    1. Ha ha ha I think I’m over him, but yeah there are a few things which broke me and they make for good poetry.

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