I was fucking drowning

You were someplace else in another’s arms


I was fucking drowning

You were standing five feet away screaming ‘You’re not trying hard enough’


I was fucking drowning being pulled under by the waves

You kept reminding me that being fat was worse than being vindictive


I was fucking drowning only I wasn’t drowning in water


I was drowning in despair

I was drowning in hopelessness 

I was drowning in betrayal


No matter how hard I swam, you kept stripping away my dignity layer by layer

You have given me nothing but darkness and you expected me to be your sun


  1. Wow, just wow. I can feel your pain with your words. I am so sorry if this is you right now. This has shaken me. Again, wow. Send me a chat if you want, from my blog. Ill be there for you

    • Thanks so much……… Thankfully this is not me ‘right now’ I think I have made my peace. Betrayals are always difficult.
      I have just started writing poems, so I guess it’s a phase…… hopefully I will move on to happier stuff soon …. Thanks for the support. Truly appreciated. Stay blessed.

    • I agree, cat – invictus, great poem – unfortunately we’ve all been there, so it’s good to know I’m not alone

    • ha ha ha …………… yup I guess I was …….. Also I don’t think it’s anger I think its pain. When the anger goes away pain is what remains I guess ….

  2. Damn girl! Is this something you can get over…or get past? Great writing tho! I feel you! And, yea, I’ll put up my own erotic post…inspired by your writing…very soon. I hope you read it. It will be a lot different from yours tho. I am not yet that “free.” I hope you find peace and get over this dude!

    • Ha ha ha I think I’m over him, but yeah there are a few things which broke me and they make for good poetry.

    • I think it’s more to do with betrayal. The feeling of betrayal does not leave you so easily.

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