Gideon and Eva spend a majority of this novel apart. They’ve had to turn down the lust factor and rebuild their foundation in many ways. Due to everything going on, Eva has had to learn to trust Gideon in a completely different way than she did. She was forced to listen to her gut and her heart, rather than seeing information the way that it was presented to her. However, in figuring this out, she also grew a backbone and became a much stronger female than she had been in the first two books. Gideon isn’t so changed from the strong, alpha male that we have come to know. What set him apart in Entwined With You, was that protective factor he developed for Eva. It’s one of my weaknesses in a hero, and when I could see the justifications for his actions, it made me really fall deeper for him. I appreciated that he was attempting to slowly fight his demons and overcome all the obstacles that had previously stood in his way. It’s not an easy feat to accomplish, but readers could certainly tell he was trying. 

Though Sylvia Day could have easily ended the series with the way she wrapped up this book, I have to say that I’m glad she didn’t. I’m truly anxious to see where else she decides to take Gideon and Eva on their journeys to becoming whole – both separately

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