Faces – Martina Cole

The main protagonist – Danny Boy Cadogan, who could make the most hardened criminal nervous and paranoid, especially if Danny decided he wanted to talk to them about something. Danny could make the most innocent of statements sound like a declaration of war, and the most innocuous of comments into terrifying and threatening reality. But Danny had to be like this in order to protect his mother and siblings, when his father walks out and leaves the family to face the wrath of the debt collectors. Overnight Danny changes and becomes set on making his way in a violent and dangerous world. With his childhood friend Micheal Miles as the brains behind the operation, he becomes the most feared and ruthless Face. His ruthlessness does not end on the streets, he rules his wife Mary and his children with and iron will and his fists. Faces is set in the heart of London’s criminal gangland, from the seventies right up to the present day.


What an awful disappointment and let down. It took me a month and ten days to complete the 600 odd pages and it was a painful task. From the second chapter I wanted to scream due to frustration with the repetition. Every third and fourth sentence was a repeat of the previous one (with only the wordings rearranged). What a huge disappointment the book was. My first and definitely my last Martina Cole book.

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