Fifty Shades Trilogy – E.L. James

Book one –  Fifty Shades of Grey

 “Anastasia, you should steer clear of me. I’m not the man for you.”-Christian Grey

 “I have rules and I want you to comply with them. They are for your benefit and for my pleasure. If you follow these rules to my satisfaction, I shall reward you. If you don’t, I shall punish you and you will learn.”- Christian Grey

 A few clicks and I immersed myself in a literary world, the likes of which I had not experienced before. There was no way I could finish there, and as James intended, I was now bound to the series.


Book two – Fifty Shades Darker

 “This is me Ana. All of me and I’m all yours. What do I have to do to make you realize that? To make you see that I want you any way I can get you that I love you.”- Christian Grey

 “You are so precious to me Ana. I was serious about marrying you. We can get to know each other then. I can look after you. You can look after me. We can have kids if you want. I will lay my world at your feet, Anastasia. I want you, body and soul, forever.”- Christian Grey

This is different from the first book in the trilogy. Grey reappeared in Steele’s life, and as a result so did explicit sex scenes. However, this book devoted less time to the physical relationship and more time to the emotional and intellectual relationship between the two main characters.


Book three – Fifty Shades Freed

 “I want everyone to know that you’re mine.”- Christian

“I am yours. look.”- Anastasia

“It’s not enough.”-Christian

“What do you mean?”- Anastasia

“I want your world to begin and end with me.”- Christian

 This book focused almost exclusively on the pair’s non-physical relationship, which progresses in many significant aspects.


The protagonists are very open and vocal about their emotions. I can’t even count how many times “I love you so much, you are my life…” and the like are scattered all over the books. So naturally women swoon because it is every woman’s fantasy (or at least the majority) for a man such as Christian (without the kinky stuff of course) to be in love with her. He is almost the perfect man. And to be the object of such intense protectiveness and love just doesn’t happen in real life. So yes this tickles women’s imagination. Plus it grips on women’s natural inclination to help and heal those who are wounded and needy, which is exactly what Christian is. Add to that the very graphic description of their sex life. WOW.

 This is a Feel-good trilogy (double meaning? Um…yeah!) with a simple story line, boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back again and live happily ever after. Every single thing just works out in the end. Including the other characters’ lives like Kate (Ana’s Best friend) with Elliot (Christian’s brother), also Mia (Christian’s sister) and Ethan (Kate’s brother). Plus the ending of Fifty Shades Freed has complete closure so no questions need be asked. Everyone is happy and healed. Again, this touches on women’s need for a happy ending, or at least my wish for it.

 So do I recommend Fifty Shades?  Depends. If you have the stomach for Kinky Fuckery, why not. Once you survive the first book, chances are you will be desensitized enough to like and even appreciate Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.

So before you dismiss Fifty Shades as silly or demeaning having never read a word, here’s Christian Grey’s advice: “We are consenting adults and what we do behind closed doors is between ourselves. You need to free your mind and listen to your body.”

 Laters baby…

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    1. You should. Watch the film too. Both are good. People who are not into erotica don’t get it.

  1. Well, since you seem to like them I might consider reading them. Who knows? Could expand my mind…thanks for posting. See how big an influence YOU are?

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