Happy Father’s Day Daddy

In a blink of an eye

You turned your back and walked away

If I could put the pain into words

I would tell you

I miss you daddy

I don’t hate you

I don’t love you

I have nothing to say to you

It’s hard daddy since you left me

I hold my head high

But deep down all I want is to be your little girl

Daddy I will show you all my scars

Daddy I will reach down my throat and show you my bleeding heart

Daddy you gave me the greatest gift ever

You were the first boy to break my heart

I didn’t cry for you

You weren’t here in my present

Just like you weren’t there in my past

All I asked from you Daddy 

Is a little love and respect

Someday you will cry for me daddy

Just the way I have cried for you

Someday you will miss me daddy

Just the way I have missed you

Someday you will need me daddy

Just the way I still need you

Someday you will love me daddy

Just the way I still love you

23 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day Daddy

  1. Jesus this bring tears to my eyes. Many men do not appreciate what they have in the birth of their children until it is much too late…sounds like the case here…and yes, I do believe that when you wrote “someday you will need me daddy” is absolutely true…your daddy will reflect back on his life and wonder…”what else was more important than my little girl?” and he won’t have an answer…

        1. Wow will read it. Please do me a favour. Is it possible for you to send me the links of your story as it is in continuity.

          1. I didn’t get you. What I meant to say was when I visited your blog I could not see your older posts.

          2. I remove all my posts in 48 hours. I used to tell everyone that, but I got bored repeating myself. Read the “about” section for a fuller explanation. Thanks!

          3. It’s a different approach. I like it 😊 sorry couldn’t read your blog today. Will do so tomorrow.

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