I May Not Be …..

“I’m not going to be the girl you marry, but I will be the girl you’ll be thinking of in 20 yrs time while you engage in polite sex with your boring wife who fakes her orgasm to make you feel better about your receding hair line.”

This was written on my blogger friend’s blog  SexLineStories  (I don’t know how to Reblog on a self hosted blog)

This sentence is mean and bitter ………. but then the truth always is.

You guys should follow her, her blogs are insightful, hilarious and witty.

2 thoughts on “I May Not Be …..

  1. I will most def follow her upon your recommendation. Thank you. And, btw, not too be sarcastic or anything, but I think EVERY girl I EVER dated is the girl I think about while I DON’T even have POLITE sex with my wife who’s not trying to make me FEEL better about anything! LOL! Just sayin’ …although I love that line!

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