It’s Been A Long Time 


It’s been almost ten days since I wrote anything, WordPress too has changed the write page settings. These days I’m grumpy and irritated. Writing is cathartic. Just looking at the words written in American Typewriter Font, 18 pt, Regular, calms me. Yeah, I’m fussy about the way I type the words in Pages. I can’t type with the default font, I need to change it to my particular liking or I keep getting distracted.


What have I been up to when I’m not working for a living? Nothing, I try to fit in everything I want to do in a single day and then end up doing nothing, like watching my favourite television serials or completing my reading challenge or reading the daily news and gossips from various websites or watching the latest films released or a web series on You tube not forgetting the different social media sites that have become a part of our lives. Also, I have my Yoga classes along with my regular household chores. I’m not good at planning and have a  habit of not knowing when to stop particular tasks.

I also have this compulsion of changing the theme of my blog on a  regular basis. Thankfully on the Mac, the wallpaper changes every day, but I have this problem with the iPhone too. So when I visited my blog I found it looking dull and spent an entire hour customising it.

There are so many topics I want to share. I want to deviate from my personal journey and want to share other stuff like book reviews, poetry, art. I used to read or write before going to bed, but since a month I have changed my workout regime, as a result, I end up too exhausted. All I want to do is watch porn and indulge in some me time before hitting the sack 😛.7ghaf0

Have you guys too faced similar issues with time management?

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