Plethora of emotions

They say ‘Curiosity killed the Cat’ and that’s what it did to my blog. I wanted to self host the damn thing and purchased a domain. I should have called customer care and asked for help, but No, I took the reins in my hands and I have no fucking idea what I did, the entire blog got deleted. So here I am two months later with a new self hosted blog starting from scratch. Luckily, I have this habit of keeping a copy of my blogs as a backup so I can repost them. (Sorry guys, some blogs may be repetitive)

I had almost 80 people following me, I hope they refollow me again. I have sent personal messages to the ones I could remember.

As they say in a game of chess, no one has ever won a game of chess by taking only forward moves, sometimes you have to move backwards to take better steps forward………… I hope this time around I’m more punctual in blogging. 

This was my first blog which I had posted –

The reason I started this blog under a pseudo-name is because I’m lonely and confused. Mostly lonely, Yeah, there I said it.

I have this constant ache in my heart. I want to talk about the issues that are troubling me but I’m too much of a private person to tell anyone.

I don’t want to do therapy because I know the answer to my issues. All I need is a way to rant whether people read what I have to say or whether they don’t I think it does not matter. What matters is that I’m venting out my frustrations.

I don’t confide in friends probably because I don’t have friends. No, I’m not an introvert, in fact, I’m an extrovert but I can’t hold on to a friendship for long. This is one issue I will touch upon as we go along.

Right now all this is new opening myself up to the world where strangers will read what I have to say. Some may judge me too and that’s okay.

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  1. I can totally identify with how you feel, although I am in therapy, of course, it isn’t doing me any good. They can not help me, I have to help me, but it is not as easy as they want it to sound, not in this cold and cruel world we live in.

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