I love talking. If I get no one to talk I talk to myself. So when I get a chance to talk I can go overboard not realising if the opposite person is interested in even hearing me.

I have joined a new gym class. As usual, I went overboard with my chattering. Only when the teacher informed me that the other members get disturbed when I chatter during the session did I realise it. These were impromptu quips about the session which kept coming out of my wretched mouth.

Now, whenever such a thing happened on similar occasions my actions were extreme. I used to block the person out or still, worse changed my class. I used to think about it, get cranky and end up having mild panic attacks.

Today too such thoughts came into my head, but then I realised that it’s not the correct approach. I love my loquacious nature. Considering I’m a stammerer I’m thankful for being this way. I feel I need to take a step back when I’m meeting new people gauge the environment and take time before opening. The question being will I be able to have the patience and willpower.


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