Ser Jaime ……. Please come back

Ser Jaime was one of the many cats I take care of in my neighborhood. They are stray cats who live on the streets.Since this guy was just a month old when a woman picked him up from his mother and dumped him with the other cats near my home I almost fostered him. At nights I used to leave him at a bar near my home. Since it’s the monsoon here he used to mess the place so the bar guys threw him out. I could not keep him at my place since my doggie is mean to kittens and kills them. I assumed he is better off outside than with me at home. Once he left the bar he found refuge in a shop. Things were okay (or I thought so) when today he was missing, on enquiring the woman in the shop informed me she left him at the end of the street as he was messing the place. I searched for him everywhere he was not there ………… I’m sorry little one I failed you, our society has failed you.

The picture is for representation purpose only.

Your gentle eyes that I see so much
Your paws that have the softest touch
Your graceful movements filled with pride
A calming presence by my side
I feared one day this could end
My heart breaks
My soul weeps
All I pray is you be safe

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