Slutty Narcissistic Mom

Today was my maternal uncle’s birthday. Some of my mom’s cousins had come over. My narc mom dressed up in a cold shoulder top and jeans (which is okay) but what she said was not okay. She said ain’t I looking sexy in this top when cousin A will see me in this top he will be awestruck by my beauty and will keep staring at my boobs. I was like mom he is your cousin, like your brother. He does not look at you that way. She was like what nonsense haven’t you see how he kisses (on the cheeks) and hugs me when we meet. I was like he is like that with everyone. He is an affectionate person. It’s not sexual. She was like whatever. When we went there she gets into this mode I can’t explain, it doesn’t look nice. Its slutty I guess which is okay with others but not with your brothers, and when cousin A hugged and kissed her she was all coy and giggly but you could make out she was liking it. I had seen this behaviour before but couldn’t relate. Now I do and man it’s sick. Has any one of you too dealt with such a behaviour ??

4 thoughts on “Slutty Narcissistic Mom

    1. See your thinking from a man’s point of view. But let me tell you cousin A was unaware about her thinking process. For him she is his baby sister.

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