Some Dating Advise Please …….

After 15 months I decided to get back onto the dating wagon. (Yeah last I got laid was 15 months ago…)

Met a guy on Instagram and we decided to meet for coffee in the afternoon (trapped at home at nights with narc mom). We met at Starbucks. As soon as he sat down he was all anxious because he parked his car in a no parking zone ( I mean why do that??) So I suggested we go some place else. From his driving I could make out he was nervous. He kept bumping into people. Then he just kept driving talking about random stuff. When I’m nervous I also talk too much. After a while I asked him if we should stop somewhere, you know talking is always better than driving. He was like I’m not hungry. Let’s drive. I was like okay. Actually I wanted him to stop driving because I get car sick but I didn’t say it. Now all this was bearable. But then he starts talking about his dating adventures. How many women he met. What all he did. TMI. And he also said I like meeting girls close to my home. I don’t like driving so far in this hot sun. There was this girl who lived near my house and then he started giving me the details ……. Later at night we what’s app me to say you didn’t wear my favourite top I’m very upset about it ?? Honestly I don’t remember him asking me to wear any top?

I’ve never done the dating scene. In college I fell in love with the guy ( I guess he too had some behaviour issues). My question is I get hassled by dating and I’m very quick to diminish their behaviour and tick them off my list.

  1. Is this behaviour okay?

  2. Should I go out on a second date with him?

  3. Should I wear what he tells me to ?

18 thoughts on “Some Dating Advise Please …….

  1. No,no and no. It is a dilemma and seems there are more weeds out there than grass today. It seems to me that people have multiple contacts they are interacting with on different levels.

    1. Aha I could see many red flags too. But I wanted to check with others too. Maybe I wanted this to work. Maybe I’m desperate.

  2. He sounds like a bit of a player. He spent all this time telling you about past dates with others?? What about finding out about you and sharing things about himself? I’d be wary of a second date with him. As to wearing what he tells you to? He can make suggestions, but you should wear what you feel comfortable in. Just my take.

    1. Yes you are right. It’s just that I tend to choose all the crappy ones and I want to change that. Hence I asked.

      1. It’s only my opinion. But hassling you about not wearing a top he requested sounds controlling. I like dominance, but based on mutual trust and consensual agreement. I don’t like bullies. And that sounds a little like bullying to me.

  3. Ugh. I’ve had more than my fair share of crappy dates. Sounds like
    This was one too. Most people go into dating with a checklist and they don’t know how to let connection and conversation flow organically. Sounds like this dude was looking for his boxes checked so he can add you to his list of girls. Glad you blocked him!

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