Such A Long Journey – Rohinton Mistry

The acclaimed novel which became even more famous when ‘someone’ raised a hue and cry about it without actually reading it! Pulled it out of the college syllabus and bookstores across the state of Maharashtra, this book has become much sought after with full credit to the controversy surrounding it.

Rohinton Mistry uses “ordinary” men and women as his protagonists and fills his novels with the sights, sounds, smells, and color of India. Depicting his characters as neither saints nor sinners, he involves the reader in their lives as they try to survive the complexities of their culture.

Such A Long Journey is about how a Parsi man named Gustad Noble is taken on a politically thrilling ride thanks to a letter from his absconding neighbour Jimmy Billimoria.

Rohinton Mistry throws in humour that makes you laugh aloud; Gustad and his Parsi colleagues cracking jokes about every community including their own – the laughter it evokes is truly something that would make people divided by religion come closer.

Such A Long Journey is a book every Mumbaikar Bombayite should read.

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