There's a secret that lives in my heart It lies in the shadows and the forced smiles It stays just below the surface Weighing heavy on my chest I'm stuck in quick sand The secret is quietly drowning me Spiralling downward and out of control I desperately seek out any hand to hold I'm writhing... Continue Reading →

I’m Thankful

I’m human  I’m not perfect I’m alive I’m trying things I’m making mistakes I’m stumbling I’m falling I’m hurting I’m rising again ……. I’m trying again …… I’m learning I’m growing I’m thankful - For Living 

Your Mine ……

He - I want to mark you. I want to posses you so completely there’s no separation between us.  She -     Your my addiction .......... My obsession........              Your rugged hands run along my spine               Oh! Remind me that your mine 

I Miss You ……

As I try to wash your name out of my mouth  Bathe my body from your touch Cleanse my soul from your love  I still find myself  Between your arms Between your tender kisses Between the warmth of your body  I find I’m lost inside your soul 

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