The Devotion Of Suspect X – Keigo Higashino

The Devotion of Suspect X is an excellent crime thriller and an intelligent page-turner. This is an unusual and interesting angle for a mystery novel. It’s quietly compelling story, with minimum of the drama that that term generally implies. I appreciated its calm, straightforward manner and the way the plot differed from the norm. 

It offers a refreshing departure from the norm in English-language fiction, not only because of the plot but because of the Tokyo setting, and the Japanese culture. The translation can be a little clunky at times. In the final pages, twist follows twist, turning everything on its head. The finale is both chilling and moving, and confronts emotions that crime fiction rarely covers.

I’d happily pick up another of Keigo Higashino’s novels, and I’d recommend that you do too.

You realise that The Suspect of Devotion X is not simply an extraordinary thriller but a love story. A strange one, it is true, but a love story nonetheless. It will linger long in the memory.

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