The Perfect Stranger – Part 3

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In the courtyard one steamy afternoon I felt a splash on my cheek. I turned my face skywards in disbelief as the drops came faster. I dropped the basket I was carrying, stretched my arms upwards and abandoned myself to the delicious cool rains. The rain ran in rivulets down my face and neck. My hair came undone and my clothes clung. I closed my eyes.

Not realising when I took off my clothes I found myself bare and excited. It was erotic when the raindrops touched my skin. The cold rain drops touching my warm body sent shivers down my spine and I felt a warm fuzzy sensation between my thighs. With one hand between my thighs and the other on my breast I massaged both. I laid down on the wet soggy mud, hard drops of water splashed all over me. I closed my eyes tight. Spreading my legs to the maximum I placed my right hand on the over sensitive spot while with my left hand I inserted two fingers in. With closed eyes and the rain all over me I could feel an enormous orgasm approaching. I opened and stretched my entire body and surrendered myself to the drenching rains. 

Through the sound of the steady rain I heard footsteps. Opening my eyes, I saw Jamie with his eyes transfixed on me. I shivered, I was still eagle spread on the muddy floor. I stood up naked with mud all over my body. 

A long moment passed between us. Jamie spread his arms wide, ‘It looks like the drought is over’ His voice was hoarse. I smiled at him and went into his outstretched arms.

‘Yes, its over It’s been a long time but now it’s over.’ As we clung to one another, I could feel his warm body against my warm wet skin, he whispered ‘I want to fuck you hard,’ 

‘I would love that.’ 

Saying this I sealed his lips hard, I could hear his heart pounding as I held him tight towards me, and I knew with absolute certainty he wouldn’t disappoint me in any way. 

************************* The End ******************************

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