When Love Fails

So while cleaning my drawers I came across this poem When Love Begins written by an Eighteen year old me who was madly in love.

Today when I read it all I could think of was how love changes or rather people change. So I got down to re writing this poem twenty years later………….


I was doing my own thing

living all alone

then you came into my life

I saw my future in your eyes

you put your arms around me and I thought I was home

I wanted to fly and you cut my wings

you can’t imagine the sadness you bring

you promised me love 

instead fucked me real good

then darling you found another

while my arms have gone cold.


2 thoughts on “When Love Fails

  1. Oh so brutal! I’m so sorry you were vulnerable and had your heart smashed! Men are insensitive to others until they, too, have had their heart smashed but by that time then they are usually much older.

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