Wicked Angry Thoughts …..

My Narcissistic Mother constantly talks weird stuff (which are sometimes hilarious), but what she said to me today made me pity her. We have an undertaker in the neighbourhood, today while running errands she saw him and his team decorating a hearse. When she came home she was so excited, she kept describing the decoration and how she wanted me to do the same for her when she dies. I told her not many people are going to attend your funeral considering your isolation from the community. She was like who cares for them and she got back telling me how she wanted her funeral to be conducted. I felt real sadness for her….. and then a wicked thought hit me. What if I electronically cremate her (she is not going to like it, she wants to have this fancy funeral and be buried in our family grave) This will be my greatest revenge. Will that make me a bad daughter, you know what I really don’t care for she definitely was a bad mother.

4 thoughts on “Wicked Angry Thoughts …..

  1. Kracky! The best thing to do, (IMO, of course) is to jettison any thoughts of your mother from your mind. (Do you still live with her? If so that would be hard to do…) Even if you are thinking of revenge…you are still thinking of HER…and that will eventually drive you mad…

    1. irony ……….. yeah I still live with her, in our culture kids still live with parents (married or single)

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